Mutual Funds Equity Schemes – Evolution and The Future

1. Growth of Mutual Fund Industry for last 10 years
2. Fund Houses & Equity Schemes – More focus on Funds Mobilisation than management
3. Factors for short listing right fund houses for better return from equity schemes
4. Past Performance of fund houses
5. Model Portfolio for superior return
6. Profile of select fund houses for better understanding

Growth of Mutual Fund Industry:

Mutual Funds Industry Growth powered by Equity schemes has registered phenomenal growth for the last 10 years, increasing its total Asset Under Management from Rs.7,20,113 Cr to Rs.39,87,991 cr. Equity Schemes and Equity oriented schemes have registered phenomenal growth outperforming the growth of debt-oriented scheme.
As on Sep 2012, Debt oriented schemes and Close Ended funds which were pre dominantly FMPs, accounted for 70% of the industry corpus. Today, it accounts only for 34%. So, clearly the past 10 years is the decade of equity. Index Funds and ETFs have grown the highest. Passive Funds now accounts for almost 21.8% of total equity oriented schemes. Read more

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