Life Goals

Invest with a target in mind

Life goals is a proven investment strategy that seeks to accrue a targeted amount of money within a pre-determined time horizon. It is an approach designed to help you save the specific amounts that you will need to reach each of your stated financial goals. Our approach towards securing your financials aspirations is to first set the goals and target investments to each of them. This approach breaks down 7-foot hurdles into smaller achievable 1-footers that are much easier to cross.

Eliminate the uncertainty in your life

By making concrete goals and taking logical steps to achieve them, you can eliminate much of the uncertainty that is common among those who don’t invest and procrastinate on saving up for their children’s education or Retirement needs. Every small drop makes the huge ocean. A Goal-based saving approach will also help you avoid making wrong decisions at key moments in your life.

Track and achieve your important goals

Through our Goal-based saving service, Mentor Wealth will help you quantify your specific goals, both short-term and long-term, and design a customized investment saving that will surely help you meet each of them. After we have set your goals with you, we will help you implement a sound investment strategy and help monitor your savings over the period.