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Domestic investors can invest in companies of other countries through global equity funds. This gives exposure to businesses outside India. These funds operate like fund of funds. The domestic fund invests in the underlying global fund which invests in companies around the world or in any particular country  without any restrictions. This helps to capture the potential of best sectors in different countries. It also helps in diversifying the investment portfolio from domestic equity.

India accounts for around 3.1% of global market cap. USA accounts for 59.9%, France accounts for 10.3%, China accounts for 7.3%, Netherlands accounts for 6.1%,  Switzerland accounts for 4.7%, UK accounts for 2.4%, Italy accounts for 3.3% and so on. Since most of the global companies derives sales from various other countries, owning these companies is one way to prosper. Few of the popular funds are Global equity funds, US Equity Funds, European Equity funds, Emerging markets equity funds, Developed Markets Equity Funds and many country specific equity funds like China fund, Brazil fund, etc.